Pest prevention in and around the house

Once the pests around your house have been eliminated, it is important to remove further chances of them coming back. Establishing good practices will save you time and money in the future.

Take into consideration:

In the house

  • Vacuum the house regularly, paying attention to crawl spaces, under beds and sofas,
  • Regularly dust all surface areas,
  • Keep your kitchen clean (Cockroaches and rodents love the scraps you leave),
  • Regularly clean in and under your cupboards,
  • Ensure items in the pantry are secured in airtight containers,
  • Fix any leaky taps or leaky pipes immediately (termites love moist conditions in brick and wood).

Around the house

  • Keep your lawn trimmed and remove rotting or wet debris close to the house and compost it,
  • Keep your compost bin away from the house,
    (Composts are a great organic alternative to creating rich natural food for plants)
  • Clean your gutters and remove any debris,
  • Brush under your eaves, and fill in any holes or cracks where possums, birds or insects may enter,
  • Never bring in outdoor furniture unless you've checked and cleaned it,
  • Keep cardboard boxes in the shed off the floor and dry,
  • Keep an eye out for bee and wasp nests,
  • Avoid having outside lights on at night as they attract bugs,
  • Consider some natural barriers. Some flowers and herbs - including mint, chives, basil, chrysanthemums and marigolds - mixed in with other plants, help keep pests away.