Termites are foragers - Always searching for the perfect environment to establish their nests. Once established they begin the search for food to maintain their nest - and that's when the damage begins. They seek moist environments to establish their nests.  Subterranean termites are the most destructive termites in the south of tropics.

Termites cause millions of dollars in damage every year and most insurance companies DO NOT insure you against termite damage. You can rest assured Pest Specialists will look after your investments.

Do not take any risks!


Top Tips for Termite Control

  1. Get Pest Specialists to inspect your home at least once a year;
  2. Treat the perimeter of your house to form a barrier;
  3. Ensure there are no rotting organic materials close to your house, such as leaves, newspapers or timbers;
  4. Keep moist garden beds away from the house;
  5. Fix leaky taps outside, especially near drainage holes;
  6. Regularly inspect your house and perimeter, keeping an eye out for mud tracks, holes and damage
    (if you have an older house with a crawl space, ensure the footing caps are in good condition);
  7. Never store combustibles such as firewood on the ground close to the house
    (use a metal rack to lift them off the floor, and sweep up any chips, dust or bark);
  8. Remove dead trees and fallen branches. When these rot, they create havens for termites.